Putting the BOOM into Differentiation

The discovery of Boom Cards™ has really been a game changer for me and my small group sessions. My students are so eager and excited by Boom Cards that they have requested them for homework. What I appreciate most about Boom Cards is that they are small, digestible bites, they have visual cues built in, and they incorporate technology, which is motivating to my students.

#ARMMEWITH Trust and Respect

A core part of our mission at Boom Learning is to listen to teachers. We trust that you know what you need better than we do. You are in the trenches every day. You have insight and perspective that is not available to the casual or occasional observer. For too long (well at least since... Continue Reading →

Resources for DIY Digital Task Cards

Digital task cards unlock a world of color, photorealistic images, and interactivity for DIY classroom materials. Today we are going to talk about resources you can use to get started making custom materials for your classroom.

The Full Meal Deal

Sometimes you just need to plug a hole in a curriculum you already have or mix it up, but sometimes you want the whole deal—everything to address a standard in one place. Today we are going to introduce you to some full meals that include Boom Cards.

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