Teaching with Heart

Teaching with Heart: How do you deal with difficult students?

Stefanie, an educator of 15+ years, gives advice on her top five ways to connect with difficult students.

rofile picture of Shane Pransky, veteran educator and Boom Cards Publisher.

Focusing on the FUNdamentals with Shane Pransky

What’s your background, and how did you get started in education? I’m what you’d call a teaching nerd. You know, one of those teachers who brings educational books with them to read at the beach. I love teaching and the boundless creativity it allows. In my free time, I enjoy creating educational products that include …

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November Teacher of the Month Jessica Butler holding a sloth

Teacher of the Month—Jessica Butler

How long have you been teaching, and how did you get started?  I have been teaching now for roughly 3 1/2 years, and I started as a program director for before- and after-school programs during the day. They asked me if I’d be interested in subbing.  So I said yes.  Then, once I started getting …

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wo homeschool students engaging with interactive Boom Cards on their devices.

 5 Homeschool Resources You Absolutely Need!

In this ever-evolving digital age, homeschooling is becoming more popular and with good reason. It offers flexibility, the potential for a more tailored education, and the opportunity to harness technology in unprecedented ways. However, this new educational landscape also comes with the challenge of finding the best resources. Well, fret not! As a homeschooling mom …

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Boom Back-to-School Symposium Schedule

This three-day Back-to-School Symposium features over 20 speakers, including teachers, specialists, therapists, publishers, and more!

Summer Camp At Home

Religious Summer Camp With Boom Cards!

As the summer sun begins to shine brighter, it’s time to embrace innovative learning modalities to keep our young learners engaged. Boom Learning is transforming the way our children learn. This summer, my family is putting a religious spin on things and doing some summer bible study. I decided to put together a sampler of …

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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension with Boom Cards

The joy of reading is a journey unique to every child. Technology, including gamified learning with Boom Cards, can make the process more engaging and successful. Boom Learning has been at the forefront of transforming the most effective reading strategies into memorable, enjoyable experiences for kids. As you may know, I am a homeschooling mom …

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Jewel Pastor Publisher Australia

Jewel’s School Gems, Your Source for STEM and Science Education

Boom Learning is excited to introduce you to Jewel Pastor, the remarkable STEM publisher behind Jewel’s School Gems. With Jewel’s expertise and passion, learning becomes an incredible adventure! She creates educational resources that make STEM education fun and memorable. What’s your background, and how did you get started in education?   I graduated with a bachelor’s …

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homeschooling with boom cards

Homeschooling with Boom Cards: Accommodate Every Learning Style!

Hey there, homeschoolers! I’m excited to kick off a new blog series for homeschooling families. My name is Jenivieve, and I have been homeschooling my three children for eight years. My oldest is going into 8th grade. We have made some adjustments to the way we school as my kids have grown and their needs …

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USA Federal Funding Cheat Sheet

Does Boom Qualify for Federal funds? The short answer is yes. Let us help you apply.

Nina Morrison Ready Set Think

Nina Morrison Wears Her Pajamas If She Wants To

This month’s Publisher Profile focuses on Nina Morrison who discusses ways technology can enhance the learning experience.

Jarrod Haack

Teacher of the Month—Jerrod Haack

Jerrod was nominated as Teacher of the Month because he brings a fun-loving spirit to his first grade class.

Boom Learning Brittany Burkhardt

Is that allowed in the Boom Store? Ask Brittany Burkhardt!

Brittany Burkhardt describes her role at Boom Learning and how she moderates for quality and accuracy in the Boom Marketplace.

sandy robinson publisher

Sandy Robinson says, “Therapy should be fun”

Publisher of the Month Sandy Robinson shares her thoughts on making therapy fun while using Boom Cards to engage!

Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month—Courtney Wood

The Teacher of the Month is Courtney Wood, a second grade teacher who enjoys using Boom Cards in her classroom!

Teacher of the Month Boom Learning

June Shanahan says, “Focus Your Energy on Helping Kids”

Publisher June Shanahan explains how she became an early adopter of technology in the classroom.

Andi and Jason Hobbs—The Perfect Pairing

Andi and Jason Hobbs explain why they love teaching French and creating curriculum with Boom Cards!

Boom Win Cash for College

Boom Cards Cash for College Contest

Enter to win cash in Boom Learning’s “Win Cash for Your College Fund” Contest. No purchase necessary.

Teacher of the Month Lisa Yochimowitz

Teacher of the Month—Lisha Yochimowitz

As a Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI), Lisha Yochimowitz sees great potential for the way Boom Cards can be used to empower students, teachers, and parents.

Educational games

Boom Learning for Schools and Districts

Learn what makes Boom Learning a great choice for schools and districts.

Belinda Givens Publisher Profile

Belinda V. Givens—She May Be Onto Something

For me personally, I start with the end goal in mind. I think about the goal that the resource will address, and then I develop strategic ways to incorporate literacy.

Della Larsen Boom Learning

Della Larsen Is Cheering You On

It’s always about the kids. What will they like? What skills do they need? How can I make it accessible for every child? The kids drive every decision.

Stacy Course Publisher Profile

For Stacy Crouse, Business Is Booming

SLP and publisher Stacy Crouse talks about how Boom Cards have helped her build a profitable “side hustle.”

Boom Learning offers free access to schools

Free Access for Teachers from Boom Learning

Boom Learning offers free access to new customers. Each teacher can add 17 classrooms and 150 students.

Fiona Gonzales of Adulting Made Easy

Advice for New Publishers? Fiona Gonzales Says, “Don’t Reinvent the Wheel.”

The Boom Learning team interviews Fiona Gonzales, the publisher behind Adulting Made Easy.

Mary Oemig, cofounder of Boom Learning

BOOM YEAR IN REVIEW – A Letter from our CEO

Did you know?—Over 10 million learners have benefited from Boom Cards! Here is a small sample of the stories that kept us inspired this year.

Boom Learning offers free access to schools

Boom Learning Responds to School Closures

Boom Learning is giving away FREE 60-day trials to schools impacted by sudden closures. 

IEP Progress Monitoring with Boom

We reached out to Kimberly Jacobs to bring you guidance on how to support Individualized Education Programs (IEP) with Boom Card activities and track progress. She shares why she relies on Boom to make the most of her sessions with students in this webinar on IEP Progress Monitor with Boom. DID YOU KNOW: Boom’s Reports …

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5 Ways to Use Boom in Classrooms

We got together with Della Larsen to bring you 5 Ways to Use Boom in your Classroom, so you can keep saving time and engaging students wherever you find yourself teaching this year. DID YOU KNOW: Boom Learning has been a tool in classrooms since 2016 Della Larsen devoted 34 years to working with general …

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Boom Webinars Kick-Off 2021-22 School Year

It’s a new school year and a fresh start. Our goal is still to save educators time and get them back to doing what they love: teaching! To that end, we will continue to add features and offer additional resources to help you all get the most from your Boom Learning accounts, but we’re also …

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10 Content Tips for Boom Card Authors

So you’ve set up your Boom Storefront, learned your way around the Studio, and now your ready to start filling those digital shelves with new decks of Boom Cards. Stuck for ideas? Not sure what Boom Cards will sell? Check out our 10 tips for topics and content. Each one is based on requests from …

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A Reflection from Your Co-Founder

My son “recently started sharing his location with me via iPhone. I didn’t have to ask. It’s a sad state of affairs when even the grown kids want you to know where they are at all times.” These words were written by the mother of two incredibly talented young men who have ebony skin. It …

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How to choose the right format for your teaching resource

If you are creating for your own students, following this guide will help you choose the right tool for the task. If you are creating for others, this will help you decide what tools to use for each piece of your overall project.

Human Judgment is the Key to Personalized Learning

The ability to make sense of incomplete pictures is why algorithms will never replace teachers. Data can support, but it won’t supplant.

Mathematics without Restrictions

Mathematics mini-apps created by teachers for parents and teachers. Practice skills from counting to calculus.

Boom Cards Reading and Literacy Resources

With Boom Learning, the 1.5 billion English Language learners worldwide need only a smartphone to take advantage of ELA learning resources from experienced teachers.

High-Engagement Social Studies

In an election season full of teachable moments, it’s nice to have self-grading, ready-made, fun-to-use resources to include in your teaching plan.

Premier Publishers on Boom Learning 

Identify high-quality content in the Boom Store with the Premier Publisher badge.

Summer Job Skills

Building Summer Job Skills with Boom Cards

Find Boom Cards to help students prepare for interviews, resume writing, reading receipts, and more!