We got together with Della Larsen to bring you 5 Ways to Use Boom in your Classroom, so you can keep saving time and engaging students wherever you find yourself teaching this year.

Boom Learning has been a tool in classrooms since 2016

Della Larsen devoted 34 years to working with general education and special education kindergarteners in a large, urban public school.

In this webinar, she shares how to use Boom Cards in the classrooms:

  • As an extension of guided reading groups
  • In math and literacy centers
  • For intervention groups
  • With a whole classroom
  • Filling time between activities

You’ll learn how to reduce stress and chaos in the classroom with Boom Cards.

Differentiation can be tricky. Della shows how using Boom Cards can making to targeting specific skills easier. She shares how to save time evaluating student progress towards learning objectives with Boom Learning’s progress monitoring tools.

She slips in a few of her favorite tricks for meeting homework requirements without overloading students or getting stuck at the copier during lunch.

Della also drops tips on using Boom Cards for:

  • Fast finishers and “pop-corn kids”
  • Morning work and homework
  • Making the most of volunteers
  • And more!

Hit play on 5 Ways to Use Boom in your Classroom to get all these insights and tips. Then, check out our playlists for additional webinars, how-to videos, and more on Boom’s YouTube channel.

Recently retired, Della now creates digital resources for other educators. Go to Della Larsen’s Class to add her Boom Cards to your Library.

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