Boom Learning is improving the way humans teach and learn. With Boom Cards, you can choose from over 400,000 learning games developed by experienced educators and specialists. 


Our platform supercharges a teacher’s effectiveness by providing instant feedback, personalized assignments, and detailed reports.

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Online learning is not just sitting in front of a computer screen; students need to be engaged in critical thinking and personal reflection. Boom is doing that with their innovations in technology and their respect for education and education professionals.
Joy Curtis
eLuma CX Operations Coordinator

Robust Data

With Boom Learning reports, teachers can see how long a student took to answer a question. This enables teachers to:

  • Identify students who may have fluency, processing speed, or visual processing challenges.
  • See when a student needs more repetitions.
  • Recognize students learning at an accelerated pace who need more challenging material.
  • Seamlessly utilize early intervention before a student falls behind.
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When I was teaching Summer School special education, some of the students already had skills I didn’t expect. Seeing the reports allowed me to adjust my instruction to address their needs.
Christy Henning
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Boom Learning Management Interface

Emergency Management

The Boom Learning platform lets classroom teachers ensure that students don’t miss a beat. Boom Cards allow you to:

  • Easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances with flexible lesson plans.
  • Quickly share lessons with a substitute teacher or tutor.
  • Share approved resources with teachers through a custom School Store.
  • Reassign points or memberships through the management interface.
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During school closures (whether it be due to an illness outbreak, weather, or something else), technology can help prevent the interruption of learning.
Stacy Crouse
Stacy Crouse
Speech-Language Pathologist and Boom Publisher

Team Collaboration

Specialists and teachers can easily see the performance of a student across a variety of curriculum, allowing them to better tailor a learning plan to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. This involves:

  • Sharing reports on individual student performance with tutors, specialists, and other teachers.
  • Adapting lessons to reflect an individualized education program.
  • Making Response to Intervention available to every classroom and every teacher, not only to special educators and psychologists.
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Our teachers use reports for IEP goals. Every decision should be data-driven.
Tim Zimmerman
School District Technology Consultant
Boom Learning Custom Play Settings


Boom Cards’ game elements reward mastery, persistence, and overlearning. Students can choose which games to play and when, as well as how long to play a particular game during any play session. Teachers have the ability to:

  • Reduce the number of Boom Cards for students with shorter attention spans.
  • Suppress content that has not yet been taught by hiding specific cards from the “deck”.
  • Select activities that support a student’s interests.

When student choice is combined with teacher choice about which activities to assign, the number of cards expected per play, and the feedback data on progress, the engine can be used to support the development of executive function skills, such as goal setting and attentional control, simultaneous with content learning.

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Boom Cards gave me the tools I needed to create the resources that I envisioned for my students. I wanted fun, interactive, vibrantly colored resources that were also challenging, dynamic, differentiated, culturally responsible, and language rich.
Belinda V. Givens Boom Publisher
Belinda V. Givens
Speech-Language Pathologist and Boom Publisher

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