Boom Learning offers free access to schools

EDIT: The free access for schools deadline has been extended. Please submit your request before the end of February.

Usually, winter break is a time of family, fun, and (depending where you live) colder weather. Instead, some educators are preparing for a different kind of winter break entirely. Districts face teacher shortages, ongoing COVID outbreaks, and other serious challenges. As schools close their doors, teachers and students find themselves wondering what’s next.

Boom Learning offers free access to schools

We understand the struggles schools face during this pandemic, and we want to continue to help. In response to the crisis, Boom Learning is giving away FREE 60-day trials to schools impacted by sudden closures. 

Administrators can email to request a free trial.  

With the Boom platform, you’ll automatically get our industry-leading reports. In your hands, these reports can give insights into who is on track and who needs more help, whether your students are in the classroom, remote, or hybrid.

Who Is Eligible?

The free trial is only available to new school customers who are setting up 10 or more teacher accounts. You must contact us by January 31, 2022, to be eligible. The free trial cannot be redeemed by individual classroom teachers.

What’s Included?

To begin, your teachers will receive a 60-day free trial membership that includes:

  • The ability to create classrooms and add students
  • The opportunity to find FREE engaging, interactive learning activities (Boom Cards) and assign them to students
  • Rich student performance and progress reports
  • Access Live Monitoring to monitor students’ performance remotely in real-time
  • Access to creation tools to make Boom Cards with custom sounds
  • The ability to share students, reports, and self-made Boom Cards with colleagues

In addition, your school gets a convenient Dashboard to manage all of your teacher accounts. A school representative must manage the dashboard. They will be able to:

  • Add/invite teachers to join the school account
  • Distribute memberships among teachers
  • Distribute points (additional purchase required) to redeem Boom Cards, images, or fonts from our Store
  • Monitor usage

Administrators can email before January 31, 2022 to set up your Boom Learning free school account.

Learn more about how teachers are using Boom Cards for reading, math, and speech therapy.

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