It’s a new school year and a fresh start. Our goal is still to save educators time and get them back to doing what they love: teaching! To that end, we will continue to add features and offer additional resources to help you all get the most from your Boom Learning accounts, but we’re also answering your most asked questions.

Over the summer, we noticed a lot of interest in live training session, so we’ve kicked the year off with exactly that!

In August, we covered the basics in our Intro to Boom Learning Webinar. Our agents answered questions as Kyle led everyone through set up and toured tools and basic techniques for using Boom Cards to teach. In September, we launched a series of webinars led by educator-experts which goes live every Wednesday.

Della Larsen, retired teachers and Boom Author, got us started with 5 Ways to Use Boom in your Classroom which explores how Boom Cards work in person and with groups of students.

Shannon Archer, SLP with 14 years experience, then showed us How to Use Boom Cards for Speech Therapy. She demonstrates how to address individual goals for clinic and home-based therapy and shares tele-practice techniques and tips to differentiate activities for mixed groups.

On the 22nd, Frances Amato, STEAM teacher and Boom Author, will share tips to Save Time with Boom Student Reports, and Kimberly Jacobs will wrap up this month with IEP Progress Monitoring. Get all the details and sign-up here, or watch past webinars and How To videos on Boom’s Vimeo or on YouTube channels.

Keep an eye out for future Educator Led Webinars in October and more, because we will continue to release new webinars, how-to videos, and other live events throughout the school year. Topics range from assigning decks and getting the most out of reports data to creating and even selling Boom Cards.

In the meantime, our customer care agents are always ready to help, and we have a few quick start guides to get you going:

Quick Start Guide for Teachers – for information on setting up an account, classrooms, assigning decks, and using reports as well as organizing the library.

Quick Start Guide for Students and Parents – to learn about student accounts and logins, playing Boom Cards, and viewing scores as well as basic trouble shooting.

Quick Start Guide for Boom Card Creators – for a full tour of the studio as well as tools, tips, and resources for creating your own cards.

Quick Start Guide for Authors: Learn to Sell Boom Cards – which covers everything from setting up an account to customizing the store and selling in outside marketplaces.

Quick Start Guide for Schools and Admins – to explore the features and benefits of School Org Accounts for those interesting in purchasing multiple accounts or points in bulk for groups such as schools and organizations.

You can also collaborate with peers to give and get ideas or advice on using Boom Cards in the classroom, creating your own decks, or even selling. To join Boom’s online community, check out our complete list of groups here.

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