Boom Back-to-School Symposium

Boom Back-to-School Symposium Schedule

This two-day Back-to-School Symposium features over 20 speakers, including teachers, specialists, therapists, publishers, and more!

The Research is In: Our Approach to Testing is Wrong

In the past 16 years we’ve imaged brains and tested students. We have no better information about how to use testing to improve schools now than when we started. We do now know that human variability is not mere noise to be ignored by categorical systems, such as standardized testing, but rather it directly affects outcomes. It is time to walk away from the Twentieth Century obsession with standardized testing and develop a Twenty-First Century approach that combines neuroscience learning with effective intervention.

HR 610

HR 610 wants parents to abandon at-risk students in exchange for $370 in vouchers per kid. Is the current focus of ESSA just right? That is worth a closer work (can you say testing third graders?). But is throwing it out the solution? HR 610 does just that.

Equal Justice Under IDEA

The Supreme Court holds special education students are entitled to justice, but not equal opportunity, under IDEA.

What Changes Stays the Same

States will stay the course this year on how they implement testing. #testingiscoming

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