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As the summer sun begins to shine brighter, it’s time to embrace innovative learning modalities to keep our young learners engaged. Boom Learning is transforming the way our children learn. This summer, my family is putting a religious spin on things and doing some summer bible study. I decided to put together a sampler of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish decks so that readers of different faiths can join me. (Note: our diverse Boom Publishers create content about many more religions. This is just my small selection.) Here’s how you can use Boom Learning to create an at-home religious summer camp that your kids will love.

Why Choose Boom Learning for Summer Camp?

Summer is a time for fun, exploration, and learning, and Boom Learning combines all of these elements into one interactive platform. It’s a digital, gamified learning environment that is perfect not just for teachers and homeschoolers, but also for parents looking for a productive summer activity for their kids.

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Boom Learning keeps K-12 learners engaged with its interactive and multi-sensory learning methods. The platform uses sounds, videos, hidden images, multiple choice, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, and much more to make education fun. With Boom Cards, you can foster a love of learning that transcends the traditional classroom setting. They can be played on almost any device, almost anywhere.

Protestant, Jewish, and Catholic Decks: Dive into Religious Learning

Keeping the fun of summer in mind, I’ve curated a mini collection of Protestant, Jewish, and Catholic decks. These decks provide a unique opportunity for children to learn about faith in an interactive and engaging way. From Bible stories to parables, the decks cover a wide range of topics. Do you practice a different faith? It’s easy to search the Boom Store by grade level and topic to find a wealth of activities.

But it’s not just about learning; it’s also about having fun. The decks are designed in a way that makes religious learning enjoyable. With colorful illustrations, interactive quizzes, and engaging stories, these decks will keep your kids engaged while they learn.

DIY Summer Camp

Setting up a religious summer camp at home with Boom Learning is simple. All your child needs is an iPad, phone, or a computer, and they can start their religious journey from the comfort of your home. Our platform is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for children to navigate through the decks independently. If you have multiple devices, we recommend setting up stations. That way, children can rotate through different stories and activities. I love alternating digital resource stations with different hands-on tasks, like coloring, cooking, building, etc. To begin, simply start an account for free. Check out our quick start guide here.

Teachers and homeschoolers can also use Boom Learning for their summer classes. The platform can be easily integrated into any teaching method, and it is also accessible with an interactive whiteboard. The cards provide instant feedback, analytics, tracking, and data, making it a perfect tool for both classroom teaching and homeschooling.

A Summer Full of Learning and Fun!

Boom Learning provides a unique opportunity for children to enjoy their summer while also learning about their faith. The interactive, gamified approach to learning makes it an ideal choice for an at-home summer camp. So this summer, embrace learning in a new and exciting way with Boom Cards! I’m excited to share some of my favorite decks for summer camp at home!

Enjoy these awesome religious decks!

New to Boom learning? Check out our blog on How to Use Boom Cards.

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