We reached out to Kimberly Jacobs to bring you guidance on how to support Individualized Education Programs (IEP) with Boom Card activities and track progress. She shares why she relies on Boom to make the most of her sessions with students in this webinar on IEP Progress Monitor with Boom.

Boom's Reports also show how long it takes students to answer each question and to finish a deck 

Kimberly Jacobs is a K-8 Resource Teacher with 33 years of experience in General and Special Education across grade levels. She covers how to Leverage Boom Cards for meaningful practice and how to use Boom Reports for progress monitoring. In this webinar, Kimberly shares her process.

She explains how to:

  1. Set IEP goals for students
  2. Leverage Boom Cards to pursue goals
  3. Monitor progress to stay on track

She discusses how to leverage brain-based research to create or find Boom Cards that build toward IEP goals. She also explores how to use Boom’s Reports to recognize who is on track, who isn’t really trying, and when to intervene.

In the process, Kimberly sprinkles in time saving tips and pointers such as how to recycle old decks into new activities. She also gives specific examples of Boom Card activities that meet IEP Goals and cover a variety of skills and subjects including:

  • Behavior
  • Language and Speech
  • Reading and Grammar
  • Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Applied math and Calculation

Head over to our YouTube channel to find Kim’s webinar on IEP Progress Monitoring with Boom, and don’t forget to check out some of the other webinars and how-to videos.

About Me
Kimberly Jacobs

In addition to teaching, Kimberly Jacobs creates resources for fellow educators. To add her activities to your library, browse her Boom Store: Lessons in a Bubble Kimberly Jacobs. You can also follow her on Instagram.

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