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What’s your background, and how did you get started in education? 

I am from a long line of educators, and watching my mother split her evenings between the television and correcting English essays was no deterrent to my calling. As soon as I entered the classroom, I knew I was in the right place. I set myself apart as an educator by drawing upon my ability to relate with students and incorporate gamification. These foundational attributes of my pedagogical approach inspired the students to join me on their learning journey. 

What’s your favorite memory from your time as an educator? 


The moments when students work collaboratively to achieve a goal are some of the most rewarding for me as an educator. The moments when a student grasps a difficult concept for the first time are priceless. The moments when a classroom is filled with excitement and enthusiasm for learning are what I strive for every day. The moments when students express their appreciation for my teaching and its impact on their lives are humbling and motivating.

Overall, these moments are what make my job as an educator so fulfilling and worthwhile.

How did you first hear about Boom Cards? 

I was looking for an educational method beyond traditional static approaches, so I looked up Boom Cards. My goal was to find a dynamic and engaging tool to promote interactivity, allowing learners to participate actively in their education and make meaningful connections with the material.

How has your understanding of “online learning” evolved in recent years? 

I believe online learning has become an integral aspect of the educational landscape. The customization and personalization that can be achieved through digital resources are significant, allowing students to learn and progress at their own pace and in ways that suit their preferences and learning styles.

Moreover, the flexibility of online learning is a significant advantage, as it allows students to balance their studies with other commitments, such as work or family. The availability of online courses and programs has expanded access to education and made it more inclusive, breaking down barriers that may have previously hindered participation.

How did Boom Learning change the way you were thinking about technology in the classroom? 

The Boom Learning platform proved to be the perfect solution to my constant struggle to find fresh and captivating resources to keep my learners engaged. After years of tirelessly searching and subscribing to numerous websites, I finally found a one-stop shop for all my content needs, with a vast array of materials available in various styles and presented in a format easily understood by the students.

It was a game-changer for me, as it significantly reduced the time and effort I spent on curating and designing lesson materials, allowing me to focus more on teaching and interacting with my students.

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When did you realize that you might be good at designing curriculum with Boom Cards? 

Ever since my early days in education, I have always created resources tailored to my preferences and that I knew would resonate well with my students. After sharing these resources with my colleagues, I received a lot of positive feedback and was repeatedly encouraged to share them with a broader audience. Before long, I found myself designing resources not just for my own classroom but for schools across the globe. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience to know that my resources were helping students beyond my own classroom and contributing to the wider educational community. 

Can you describe the sequence of events that led to you becoming a successful publisher?

I first discovered the potential of Boom Cards by seeing their effectiveness in my own classroom. This realization prompted me to consider publishing my designs. I began by creating resources tailored to my students but soon realized that there was potential for a broader audience to benefit from my designs. As a result, I expanded my selection to cater to a range of grade levels.

As an educator, I prioritize creating visually appealing and interactive resources that capture the imagination of my students. I use multimedia elements and gamification to enhance their learning experience and foster a love for learning. My ultimate goal is to inspire lifelong curiosity and passion for education in my students.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get noticed as a publisher on Boom Learning? 

When it comes to sharing resources, my advice to fellow educators is to prioritize the student experience above all else. Quality resources that are engaging and educational are highly valued by teachers.

What was the biggest surprise you’ve had while making and selling Boom Cards? 

One of the most surprising things for me was receiving requests from teachers for more resources. It was exhilarating to see that my materials were making an impact and to receive feedback on specific areas for improvement, such as new math approaches and further exploration of numeracy content.

What trends in EdTech do you find most interesting or exciting? 

The potential of EdTech to revolutionize the way that students learn is truly exciting. One of the most promising aspects of technology in education is its ability to help teachers personalize the learning experience for each student. With the right tools, educators can seamlessly differentiate instruction and tailor content to meet the unique needs of each student. This not only helps students stay engaged and motivated but also enables them to learn more effectively. Additionally, EdTech can offer real-time data and insights that will allow teachers to identify areas for improvement and adjust their teaching methods accordingly.

What are some opportunities you see for new publishers that are just getting started? 

Aspiring publishers have the opportunity to create hybrid resources that combine digital and physical components to offer an enriched learning experience. By incorporating digital tools and resources alongside traditional teaching materials, publishers can create innovative products that cater to a range of learning styles and preferences. This approach can enhance student engagement and motivation, as well as facilitate more effective learning outcomes. As technology continues to evolve, the potential for hybrid resources in education is vast, and publishers who embrace this trend can play a crucial role in shaping the future of teaching and learning.

Can you really make money from selling Boom Cards?  

To generate revenue from selling Boom Cards, it is important to have the basics in place. This includes leveraging your expertise, honing in on your strengths, and producing resources with consistency and efficiency. Additionally, it is crucial to identify your unique selling proposition and what sets you apart from others in the market. What makes your resources stand out, and how can you communicate that to potential customers? By taking these factors into consideration and investing time and effort into creating high-quality resources, you can increase your chances of success as a Boom Cards seller.

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Have you always considered yourself to be an entrepreneur? 

My journey as an entrepreneur began with my leadership roles in education. Through leading teaching teams and guiding peers, I discovered a passion for creating templates, resources, and programs that were user-friendly and effective. I found great satisfaction in hearing my colleagues express their gratitude for the simplicity and design of my materials. This experience sparked my interest in creating educational resources on a larger scale, leading me to explore entrepreneurship in the EdTech space.

Any last words of wisdom? 

A crucial aspect of successfully integrating digital technology into the classroom is to consistently keep in mind the central goal of the process: to facilitate learners’ achievement of personal success. By prioritizing the needs and goals of learners, educators can ensure that their use of technology remains focused on driving academic progress and supporting students’ personal development.

By incorporating interactive and engaging elements into your lessons, you can create a positive and enjoyable learning environment that promotes curiosity and active participation. Gamification, multimedia resources, and hands-on activities, there are many ways to bring excitement and creativity into your classroom. So why not try it out and see how your students respond? You may be surprised at how much more interested and motivated they become when learning is no longer a chore but a fun and engaging experience.

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