Summer Camp At Home

Religious Summer Camp With Boom Cards!

As the summer sun begins to shine brighter, it’s time to embrace innovative learning modalities to keep our young learners engaged. Boom Learning is transforming the way our children learn. This summer, my family is putting a religious spin on things and doing some summer bible study. I decided to put together a sampler of …

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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension with Boom Cards

The joy of reading is a journey unique to every child. Technology, including gamified learning with Boom Cards, can make the process more engaging and successful. Boom Learning has been at the forefront of transforming the most effective reading strategies into memorable, enjoyable experiences for kids. As you may know, I am a homeschooling mom …

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homeschooling with boom cards

Homeschooling with Boom Cards: Accommodate Every Learning Style!

Hey there, homeschoolers! I’m excited to kick off a new blog series for homeschooling families. My name is Jenivieve, and I have been homeschooling my three children for eight years. My oldest is going into 8th grade. We have made some adjustments to the way we school as my kids have grown and their needs …

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The Full Meal Deal

Sometimes you just need to plug a hole in a curriculum you already have or mix it up, but sometimes you want the whole deal—everything to address a standard in one place. Today we are going to introduce you to some full meals that include Boom Cards.

Using Boom Cards to prepare for the ACT, SAT, or PSAT

Prep courses, practice tests, and flashcards are all useful tools in preparing to take a college entrance course. Boom Cards resources provide on-the-go practice (available on iOS, Android or Kindle) for students preparing for these tests.

Assess and Review Middle School Mathematics

Discover digital self-grading resources for assessing, prepping, or reviewing middle school mathematics. From integers to exponents, from operations to expression.

Meet the Author: Line upon Line Learning

Rebecca Reid makes homeschooling come alive with self-grading teaching resources.

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