Privacy Notice

Eric here.

I recently canceled my subscription with Dollar Shave Club. Canceling my subscription was easy enough. I had to use an FAQ to find out how, but I got it done.

Then I used the FAQ to figure out how to delete my account. What a nasty surprise was awaiting me. The deletion FAQ sent me to the privacy policy. The privacy policy told me I can only delete my account if I live in . . . California?!

I was shocked and alarmed. I also learned that I could not ask them to not sell my info also, because I don’t live in California!

Here at Boom Learning, we don’t believe in having second class citizens. We have been GDPR compliant since 2018. We extend the right to be forgotten to all our customers-regardless of where you live. That is why our FAQs on deletion warn you that delete means delete, all gone, bye, nada, poof.

I expect you are getting a bunch of emails from company’s right now about updating their privacy policies and new rights you have. Well you’ve had those rights from us since 2018. We provide lots of self-help tools (unsubscribe, delete for students, and delete for you). If you ever want us to do a fully data survey, reach out to

Thank you for trusting us with your students and your data. If you ever have questions we are here for you.

Eric Oemig

CTO and Data Security Officer

Boom Learning

PS: Our policies for children apply to all students, regardless of age.

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