Have you noticed those shiny stars popping up across the Boom Store?  ⭐

They signify something important. In this blog post, I’ll highlight the Premier Publisher program, explain what stars mean, and tell you how to shop for content with confidence. 

What do the symbols mean?

Those stars you see are badges, signifying that the creator is part of the Premier Publisher program. This means that they have content that has been thoroughly vetted by the Boom Learning team. We’ve determined that they offer materials suitable for public school educators in the USA. The badges provide assurance of quality, pedagogy, and adherence to curricular, privacy, and security standards. 

How are Premier Publishers selected? 

Becoming a Premier Publisher isn’t simple; you need to be invited to apply. Once we receive your application, a rigorous selection process begins. We carefully evaluate publishers against a set of criteria, including pedagogy, materials quality, design quality, author reputation, and compliance. Only those who meet the highest standards get to become Premier Publishers. 

How can I shop Premier Publisher content? 

Shopping for Premier Publisher content is easy. Follow these steps: 

Premier Publisher Badge

  1. Visit the Boom Store
  2. Search for authors who work with your grade level or subject
  3. Find an author with a badge 
  4. Click into the author’s profile 
  5. If you like what you see, click the “follow” button under their badge
  6. Filter your next search to see Boom Cards from “only people I am following”.
Follow Button

Why should I trust Premier Publisher content? 

The publishers in this program have undergone a meticulous vetting process, ensuring that their materials are of superior pedagogy, design, and accuracy. They also adhere to strict privacy and security standards, making their content safe for public schools. 

Our hardworking staff monitors the marketplace to promote integrity. We also appreciate support and help from our customers. Anytime you see something in the store that seems odd, you can report a violation under the “reviews” tab within the deck description.

Where should I look for academic standards? 

We’ll be introducing standards tagging to the Boom Store very soon. Until then, deck descriptions are the best source for this information. Publishers often include relevant standards, instructional targets, and pedagogical methods in their descriptions.  

For instance, a deck might specify how it aligns with 3rd-grade math fact fluency standards or follows science of reading principles for reading materials. In some cases, authors may post the Common Core or other learning objective that their Boom Cards support.

In summary, a Premier Publisher badge on Boom Learning is a signal that the author has top-notch educational materials. You can confidently explore content from independent publishers, knowing marked material meets school expectations for quality.

Happy Booming! 

This is a beta program. The program terms will be updated more frequently than is typical as the program evolves. Contact us to ensure you are on our email list to receive notifications of changes. 

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