Home Connections

Home Connections

Home Connections gives students the information they need to log in at home. Use it to maintain learning over the summer, for at-home pretesting before the new school year, and for homework.

Click the + button for a Classroom and select Home Connections. This will generate a printable list of your student usernames. Print (it puts 3 on a page) and manually add the passwords (we can’t see those).  Students who log on from home will have access to whatever was assigned to the classroom.

Flow Magic

Flow Magic Cover

Flow Magic lets you create decks with conditional logic. Click on the image above for a Boom Cards tutorial on using Flow Magic.


Watch the video.

No Time to Create Your Own?

The Spring and Summer Collection
The Primary Collection (Pre-K to 2nd)
Emerging Students (3-5)
The Upper El Collection (4-6)
Middle School Mash-Up (6-8)
High School STEM and Social Studies (9-10)
World Languages

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