“A great piece of literature does not try to coerce you. … A great piece of literature simply is.” Madeleine L’Engle

Rebecca Reid is one of the early adopters of Boom Cards. Given her background, it is not a surprise that she has been an invaluable source of feedback as we’ve built Boom Learning.

Rebecca has a B.A. in English with a focus on editing. She loves finding and fixing errors. She also loves writing and language arts. She blogs at Hands-On Homeschooling and Line upon Line Learning. She loves to read and review books. Her favorites are Victorian literature. Now with three kids and less leisure time, she also watches period dramas, like Downton Abbey.

Like Mrs. Shipley, Rebecca came accidentally to teaching. She taught and worked as a writing tutor throughout her college years. When her oldest was ready to enter kindergarten, homeschooling seemed the best option for him. He is now in fourth grade and she has a second child entering kindergarten next year.


Rebecca’s stores on Boom Learning and Teachers Pay Teachers have evolved with her children’s needs. On Teachers Pay Teachers she has worksheets and games. Her son still loves to play one of the first games she made, about Marco Polo.

With her oldest now in fourth grade, Rebecca finds that technology is playing a greater role in homeschooling. She’s been adapting her worksheets and learning materials for Boom Learning, which lets them take learning on the go. She loves how Boom Learning “lets me put my kids in the driver’s seat.”

She created her CVC Reading Practice to correlate with the hands-on practice in her CVC bundle available at Teachers Pay Teachers. With the bundle, students practice forming the words using letter tiles, as well as other hands-on activities. Her Boom Cards allow them to take those same words and practice reading them and finding the pictures that match.

With homeschooling, each year is a completely new grade level. Add in asynchronous learners working at multiple grade levels, and it can feel overwhelming. Rebecca advises: “Just remember that your students don’t learn everything in one day, one week, or even one year. It is a long process and you just take it one step at a time too!”

Rebecca is from and and now lives in Chicago. She has lived in Australia for a year and in each of Bolivia and Jerusalem for two months.