How to use Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

To find out how Boom Cards can enhance Speech Therapy sessions, we team up with Shannon Archer for a webinar to discuss How to Use Boom Learning for Speech Therapy. She shares her insights and demonstrates how teachers can use Boom decks to build on their students’ speech skills.

Boom Cards are used for Speech Therapy more than any other subject!
Boom Learning Card
Shannon uses Boom Cards to make lessons more engaging.

Shannon Archer is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) with more than 14 years of experience. She is currently a Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AT/AAC) Specialist with the Coronado Unified School District in California, and she works with preschool and transition-aged students in her private practice. 

In this webinar, Shannon explains how to use Boom Cards, either as a main activity or as a reinforcer. She explores different techniques for working one-on-one with students, and she also talks about how to engage with targeted or mixed groups effectively. 

Shannon leverages Boom to address learning goals related to:

  • Articulation/CAS
  • Language
  • Pragmatics
  • AAC
  • Fluency

She gives great examples of ways to use Boom cards with students in one-on-one lessons. In one case, she talks about working with a student who was using an eye gaze device. She describes turning off the student’s mouse control as a way to encourage her student to drive the content lesson through the use of language skills. In this example, the Boom deck allowed Shannon to ask questions and engage in conversation about the items onscreen. With Boom Cards, it’s easy to pick the perfect deck for an individual student’s interests and needs. 

For another one-on-one session, Shannon used a combination of toys and Boom Cards to teach prepositions. To start, she demonstrated with toys in real life, and then she reinforced those ideas with interactive activities. Shannon shows us how Boom Cards work to teach students across a variety of settings, including in teletherapy and distance learning sessions, as well as in-person sessions at a clinic, learning center, home, or school. 

Over the course of the webinar, she provides examples to illustrate her techniques as well as tips for using Boom for practice and instruction. Her talk is chock-full of great suggestions.

To hear all of Shannon’s ideas and insights, hit play on How to Use Boom Learning for Speech Therapy. You can also check out webinarshow-to videos, and more on our YouTube channel.

Shannon Archer
Chewy the dog

Shannon Archer, M.S., is a speech-language pathologist and the creator and owner of A Gift of Speech. When she’s not teaching or creating digital resources for her fellow educators, Shannon works with “Chewy” as the human member of a therapy dog team. To learn more about her (and see more pictures of Chewy) check out her Instagram.

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