Boom Learning Welcomes Our New CEO, Stuart Moulder

Dear Boom Learning Community,

We are excited to welcome Stuart Moulder to Boom Learning as our new chief. With the company growing, Eric and I needed a third amigo.

Stuart Moulder

Stuart brings a wealth of experience with growing companies, including launching new initiatives, developing strategic partnerships, and attracting new investment. Coming from the games industry, Stuart led content-rich, cloud-based businesses. With an undergraduate in history, a background in programming, and experience with homeschooling his dancer daughter, Stuart brings a wonderful combination of interests to Boom Learning.

From Stuart himself: “I am thrilled to join Boom Learning. Boom Learning has created a special platform for teachers that empowers teachers as educators and entrepreneurs. I’m excited to join the team to help transform the teacher resources business.”

Most important of all, as Rachel Lynette said after meeting him: “Stuart is good people.”

Mary will continue as the Chief of Operations and Marketing. Eric will remain Chairman of the Board, but in day-to-day life will no longer need to split his time between executive and technology duties.

Screenshot 2018-04-24 13.55.48

If you want to stalk Stuart yourself, you can check out his LinkedIn profile, and these fabulous gloves he knit for me (can you find them on Instagram?).

—Mary Oemig, Co-Founder, Boom Learning





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