Treats and Tricks for Boomers

Are you Booming? Enjoy these treats and tricks!

Undead Students
No longer must students die when they get answers wrong. If you want to give your students immortality, boom to your Classroom, click “Edit Profile” and scroll down to “My Teaching”. Grant your students immortality (or demi-cat-like status if you prefer).
Dressed Up Decks
Your “thumbnail” (entered in the Details box in the Studio) is your deck’s place to dress up. We recommend that you use a tool like Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Powerpoint and really put on a great look here. This is where your deck’s costume helps it stand out at the party. And the thumbnail cover is what Pinners put on Pinterest so go for visually stunning. Make sure your image is at least 300 x 300 for its best look. Any smaller and it won’t be pinnable. You can make it bigger, but we’ll scale down to 300 x 300.
Get Giffy with It
Did you know you can upload gifs as images for your deck cards? Save the gif in repeat mode and you’ll have a nifty animation. Check out decks from Pink Cat Studio to see the most charming monster flies ever.
Smartboards Front and Center

Melissa Bennett tells us:

“I’ve used Boom all week with my Smartboard… my kids love it! I showed it to my {new} principal and he was amazed. He loved everything about it. I’m not 1:1, so I’m not ready to create student accounts yet- but using this in my class as a center and “bell ringer”. My kids play “follow the leader” to touch the correct answer. However, even when it isn’t their turn- I see and (unfortunately) hear them answer each question out loud. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’ve never been able to use my “Smartboard” as an independent NO PREP center, but with BOOM it’s easy. I don’t have to reset anything- and being logged in as me (the teacher) the kids can pick any deck in my library to practice. If I hear “wrong answers” I can quickly send a classmate to help or stop and assist.”

Earning Treats

We gamify the student learning experience to encourage mastery, struggle and repetition.
Students earn gems for mastering content. A gem is earned when a student correctly answers a question with no wrong answers. If they answered incorrectly on a previous try, they can still get earn the gem for a card by getting it right on a subsequent play. When the number of gems earned matches the number of cards, a student has mastered the content for the deck..
Coins are rewards for persistence and struggle. More coins are awarded for harder questions. Students get bonus coins by logging in frequently and for extra lives left at the end of the deck.
Pulses (the lightening bolt) reward overlearning behaviors (the concept that learning past mastery leads to automaticity). A pulse is earned each time a question is answered correctly, even if it has been answered correctly before.
Should we offer teachers an option to convert gems, coins and pulses to classroom loot or should we offer upgraded avatars students can purchase in an online “reward” store? Tell us what you think (add your own option if we haven’t thought of your idea).
Taming Equation Demons
At this time we don’t have an in app equation editor. You can do an image based work around. If you go to Roger’s Online Equation Editor you can enter your equation in Latex (several samples are provided). Select output format “png”, check “transparent background”, uncheck “Anti Alias text”, choose your text color and click submit. Set resolution to higher if you will want to have larger images in your decks. It is always easier to scale down than up. Then click Link to Image. In that screen, right click and “Save As”. Upload the image and use in your decks.
Treat Yourself to Fast Conversions
Do you create lessons and content in Powerpoint? We have a nifty tutorial on how to import your content to Boom from Powerpoint. Add answer flourishes and you are ready to party. For example, Melissa Bennett of I heart 4th grade imports her existing resources from Powerpoint. She sets up a deck and then can clone the deck to offer multiple answer choices. For example, she offers her Decimals on a number line deck as either fill in the blank or multiple choice so you can get the just right level for a student.
Join the Party
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