Fall, Halloween and Election Teaching Resources

“I think autumn is such a wonderful time of year! It is so easy to find ways to make learning fun for our students. The changing leaves and shorter days provide the perfect opportunity for science discussions. Candy collected on Halloween can be used for graphing activities, and the vibrant hues of autumn are the perfect inspiration for artistic creations. Halloween-themed task cards on Boom learning are also sure to motivate students to engage in learning and practice!”

-Shelly Rees

The best teachers make content relevant. Whether it is by using fall or Halloween themed materials in October or aligning the curriculum to teach government and elections in a Presidential election cycle, they keep learning real for students.

Our teacher authors have a selection of materials to help you keep it real in your classroom this October.

Hump day have you and your students in a slump? Perk up lessons with Halloween themed Boom Cards. You can find ELA and math, French and Spanish resources in Halloween themes for grades K through middle school.


Is it a manic Monday and you just didn’t have time to prepare like you wished this weekend? Did that storm have you disconnected from the world until time to be back to school? No worries. With Boom Learning’s click and assign ease you’ll be back on track and beating the blues with fall themed materials.

fall sample.PNG

It’s nearly election day, and many have started voting already. Check how well your students understand the election process with election resources.

election resources.PNG

We hope you enjoy this sample of seasonal materials from Boom Learning. Are we missing something you want? Request custom materials at help@boomlearning.com

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