No more crying over spoiled resources

Every class that I have ever taught has had students who were on many different levels. Even in kindergarten, some came in knowing no letters, not even the letters in their name and others came in already ready. I always believed in meeting each child where he or she was and making progress of at least a year, sometimes more. The materials provided by the school were never enough. I easily spent over a thousand dollars every school year and many, many hours preparing materials. I started teaching in the late 1970s so preparing extra materials meant, buying a book of patterns for materials, copying, coloring by hand, cutting out, laminating and cutting out again. Sometimes I wanted to cry when a piece was lost. Things got much better with clip-art and color printers, but that was still expensive. I love Boom because I can make materials for every child’s needs in just a short time without all the extra work of printing, coloring, cutting, laminating and cutting again.

-Cheryl Litton of Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers

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