High-Engagement Social Studies Teaching Resources for an Election Year

“There are so many things that I love about Boom Cards, but I especially love the high student-engagement factor and self-checking cards. Once monotonous flashcards suddenly turn into a fun activity when morphed into Boom Cards. They enjoy the instant feedback they get and know right away if they are “getting it.”

-Becky Clark, Teacher Features

This election is an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity to make government and geography lessons relevant. A challenge because you may find yourself needing to teach world religions out of cycle. After starting with a United States Presidential Election deck, augment your lessons with Boom Learning resources to get you through the election.

Government Teaching Resources

Presidents (elementary to middle school)

What a historic year to be teaching about presidents with Hillary Clinton on the ballot as the first female Presidential Fun Facts Snipmajor-party candidate for president. Learning about past POTUSi can be dry and dull. Presidential Trivia Fun Facts mixes it up with a walk on the lighter side of history. Jamie likes to use this deck during small group rotation time. Skills + standards + Boom Cards = fun. For more trivia try the Fun Facts About the Presidents bundle from Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers.

Suggested pairings: Famous Americans Settlement to Modern Day by Michele Luck’s Social Studies and reading comprehension activities about the Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial by Having a Fields Day.

The Three Branches of Government (elementary to middle school)

Jamie will also be teaching her students about our three-part system of government this year. After they complete the lesson, she assigns the Three Branches of Government.  It doesn’t feel like an assessment to the students; it is more like a game. In her dashboard, she can see at a glance which standards the students understood and what they missed. Since feedback is immediate, students learn while they self-assess.


Geography for Younger Students: Quality Learning, No Time Wasters Required

Map SKillsIn her 16 years as a third grade teacher, Becky Clark has met more than a few students who didn’t share her love for social studies. This year she has Boom Learning to help transform reluctant learners into Social Studies geeks like herself. She has her students practice Geography Map Skills: U.S. Regions, Continents & Oceans using Boom Cards.

“My students can easily complete deck after deck, at their own learning pace and not need me to set it up, make copies, replenish materials and waste precious learning time.”

Suggested pairings:

Geography, Geography, Geography

Geography US StatesYour older students might be more like Alessa Giampaolo. When her son announced he wanted to participate in a geography competition she thought “Oh no, how boring is that! We’ve got to memorize all those states and capitals.”

She rolled up her sleeves, volunteered to coach, and discovered geography with him. “By breaking down topics and making connections across countries, our goal was to build a broad knowledge base.”

The questions in her GeoQuiz decks follow the textual model of geography competitions. She has decks on U.S. States, Rivers, Caves, US State Capitals, and Map Lines.  They also work to jumpstart a mini-study unit.

Suggested pairings: Geography resources from Having a Fields Day and Michele Luck’s Social Studies.

Religion and Politics

Faith in America is changing. Donald Trump’s campaign has made much of religious differences. In her first year teaching middle school, Michele Luck learned that through understanding differences, she and her students could relate better to each other. She had a number of international students that year, including two devout Muslims.

“During the month of Ramadan, they asked if they could stay back in my classroom during lunch instead of going to the cafeteria each day. I learned so much about their belief system during that month that I created my World Religions Centers Activity.”

Michele has three religion mini-apps on Boom Learning: Judaism Basics, Islam Basics, and Christianity Basics.

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Enjoy Election season!
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