Recent Fixes and Features 12/19

The delete key would occasionally stop working… that is fixed.

The “answer buttons” in the item toolbar now give obvious feedback when clicked. (by request)Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.40.17 PM

Lock Button in Toolbar

We added a “lock/unlock” button in the item toolbar. This makes it much easier to prevent accidentally moving template items… while still allowing you to manually move them if you want.


We  added a “button” widget in the widget bar. Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.35.29 PMThis makes it a little bit easier to understand how to style a button. The button widget basically just creates a text item… with a border and background color, and flagged as a “correct” answer.

The previewer in the editor now opens the CURRENT card that you are editing. (by request)

The previewer in the teacher’s library now shows all the cards… unshuffled.

We added a “done” button in the player so a student can indicate that they have read the content and are ready to move on. This is different than the arrow button to turn the page, b/c the student is indicating they have read the content and want to remove it from the current workflow. (so when they come back later, it will be marked complete. And yes, the student can revisit the content later too.)

Fixed a bug in the editor where the arrow keys would sometimes not respond correctly when moving an item.

Improved the deck preview in the store page for a deck.


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